Some Thoughts On Trump Two Weeks In

We’re a couple of weeks into the Donald Trump US presidency, and so far no surprises. To date, Trump has signed 22 executive orders. They range from the very good: The core principles order from yesterday that sets in motion dismantling Dodd-Frank, to the ridiculous: Building a wall between The US and Mexico. Another order signed by Trump has the US backing out of the TPP which would be okay if it were to reduce tariffs even further, but Trump is determined to negotiate “new deals” and raise import tariffs which anyone that has taken Econ 101 can tell you will have adverse effects on The US economy. The fact that Trump is the president of The United States is still difficult for me to believe. He consistently speaks and acts like he’s 12 years old – why would anyone vote for someone like that I kept wondering. During the primaries and the general election campaigns, while the groundswell of support for trump continued to build, I could never understand what the attraction was. I certainly did not want him to be elected even though Hillary Clinton would have also been a terr ible outcome. Once the primaries concluded, we had zero chance of having a good president. Now that he is president, the most disturbing thing for me, is the authoritarian demeanor and style that he has assumed. Since the election he has acted more like an emperor then president. Obama had some of that in him with his “cell phone and pen”, but this appears to be taking it to a different level.

I predict a recession due to the tariffs and the other meddling into the economy. The lower taxes and reduced regulations, while good, will not be enough to offset the other BS he will put in place. I can also see him reacting like a kid in the schoolyard when he is provoked by another nation. I honestly don’t think he is stable enough to be in the position he is in. I hope I’m wrong. I hope we survive the 4 years and still have a bit of money.

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